Cupcake Bouquets

Our Cupcake Bouquets are beautiful, delicious, and affordable. Customize your perfect bouquet with optional flavors and colors.  They make an impressive centerpiece and an amazing gift.

Our Bouquets come in three sizes:

Large Bouquet is built on an 8 inch Terra Cotta pot. Holds between 16-19 cupcakes. $70

Medium Bouquet is built on a 6 inch Terra Cotta Pot. Holds approximately 12-13 cupcakes and 6 mini cupcakes $50

Small Bouquet is built on a 4 inch Terra Cotta pot.  Holds between 13-16 mini cupcakes. $30

We also offer single flower shaped jumbo cupcakes (pictured below) decorated in colorful tulip shaped flowers $6

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