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The history of Heritage Baking…I have a passion and talent for baking and it comes from my heritage, thus the "Heritage" in "Heritage Baking" company name.  My Parents left France in 1952. My mother was a stay-at home mom and baking was what she did.  She had a natural talent and knack for creating the best tasting eclairs, flan and Madeleine.  My aunt owned a  Patisserie and grocery store in Paris France. My cousins owned two restaurants in Southern Spain (Malaga), I grew up traveling every year to France and Spain with unbelievable smells of heaven in my families kitchen. 


I'm continuing the family tradition and I LOVE IT!!!   Most of our recipes are over 150 years old and I'm taking this lifelong experience from my kitchen to your home or event. Heritage Baking wants you to enjoy our freshly baked breakfast, desserts, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, breads, cookies and more. 

 Let us bring our "french heritage" to you and enjoy the delicious desserts we offer. 

  • All orders require a minimum 48 hour notice 

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Heritage baking - we bake from the heart and sprinkle it with love​

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